Crafting a Pastor Profile

One of the most important tasks of a pastoral search committee – after prayer – is writing the pastor profile (the job description).

The profile will determine who chooses to apply for your position – and who doesn’t. Just like any other job opening, the job-seeker — if he’s honest — will not apply for every job he reads about. Even if a doctor has years of experience in the field of cardiac medicine, she shouldn’t apply for an opening as a brain surgeon. Not all fields of medicine are equal.

The same is true of pastoral positions. Some churches need a youth and Christian education pastor; others are seeking a senior pastor. Some have the gifting and personality making them perfect for a pastor of congregational care, visiting people in the hospital, caring for the sick and elderly, performing funerals, etc. Continue reading “Crafting a Pastor Profile”

Starting a Pastoral Search Committee

In the PCA, the Book of Church Order allows for two options when forming a pastoral search committee: the session (the board of elders) can serve as the committee or it can be made up of laypeople from the congregation. At least two different pastoral search consultants recommend against the first option, including the consultant we worked with, Dr. Charles McGowan.
The elders did have a say in putting together the committee.

First, the elders created a job description/list of expectations for the members of the search committee (see the list of Expectations here). Next, they put together a slate of recommended names and presented that slate to the congregation for approval.

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