The Process of Interviewing Pastoral Candidates

Chances are, you’ve been in a job interview before. Most of us have. But not everyone sits on “the other side of the desk,” asking the interview questions. So how do you know where to begin? What questions do you ask? And what’s legal to ask? After all, we’re not HR experts!

We began the process of choosing our next pastor by evaluating resumes and other paperwork. In the PCA, the most in-depth document is the Ministerial Data Form, or MDF (other denominations have something similar, I’m told). In addition to paperwork, we listened to at least three sermons. This may sound like a time-consuming task.

You’d be right – it is. But it was made easier by our committee structure.

Our Process: The Power of Subcommittees

We divided our seven-member committee into three subcommittees of two members each (the chairman “floated” and wasn’t on a subcommittee.) When a new candidate’s name arrived, he was assigned to a subcommittee. If we received names of Candidates A, B, and C, they were each assigned to different subcommittees. Everyone listened to at least one sermon by every candidate, but the assigned subcommittee listened more fully. Here’s how we worked it out: Continue reading “The Process of Interviewing Pastoral Candidates”