None of us Have Ever Done This Before

“Where do we start?”

“How do we attract the right pastor for our church?”

“What kinds of interview questions can we ask?”

These are just a few of the questions that pastoral search committees ask when they first begin. Every search committee starts out the same way: overwhelmed and intimidated. We’re all new at this. None of us have ever done this before. Chances are we don’t even know anyone who has served on a search committee before. The thing we have to remember is that none of this process surprised God.

If the pastor retired, God knew ahead of time. If the pastor took a call to another church, God already knew about it – even before the pastor did. If the pastor left due to a scandal, it may have shocked the congregation, but not the Lord; He knew what was going on. As a result, the committee needs to trust G0d through the process. Continue reading “None of us Have Ever Done This Before”

Reading the News Well

First, a disclaimer: The topic of today’s post has NOTHING to do with my usual topic, church leadership resources and advice. I felt compelled to write this brief post because I read a news article online and realized that it lacked some essential information. As a writer, I knew what was missing and wanted to provide some help to readers. The information in the article was interesting, but I found the article itself inadequate.

The article I read was:

Why do tech leaders speak out against Trump so much?

The problem I had with the article is that the headline asks “Why” but the article never answers the question. The closest it comes to providing an answer is found in just two sentences: Continue reading “Reading the News Well”