Pastoral Interviews: Why Use Video?

In my last post I discussed the value of technology for a pastor search committee. This week I want to touch on one specific part of the search process, the interview, and discuss how technology can be a useful tool.

In our final debriefing session after our search was over, everyone on the committee agreed that the video interview was essential to getting to know the candidates. We couldn’t imagine doing it without video. It allowed us to see a candidate’s personality in a way that a phone interview just couldn’t.

The post-interview debrief usually went quickly if we knew the candidate wouldn’t be moving forward. But if the interview went well, our follow-up conversation could take as long as the interview itself! We reviewed what was said, how it was said, tone of voice, body language – everything was open for discussion. What were the strongest points? Where did he seem less confident in his answers? Did he communicate clearly? Could he think on his feet? Did he pause to gather his thoughts before speaking? What did his body language indicate? These and dozens of other questions were part of our post-interview debrief. Continue reading “Pastoral Interviews: Why Use Video?”

5 Pieces of Technology Your Search
Committee Needs

There has been much ink spilled (digital and literal) in recent years on the church’s use of technology. The vast majority of this has been about using media in the worship center (sound & video, display screens – even film clips from Hollywood blockbusters used as sermon illustrations). But far less has been said about the way a pastoral search committee engages with technology.

Today I want to help you think about what tech you will need as a search committee, as well as whether the church should invest in paid technology or use available freeware.

What Technology Will You Need?

Your basic tech needs will include:

  • Committee communications
  • An email address
  • Document storage
  • Conference calling
  • Video calling

Now let’s look at each of these more closely. Continue reading “5 Pieces of Technology Your Search
Committee Needs”