The 5 Terrible Job Interviewers—and How Candidates Can Overcome Them

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I read an article by Gary Burnison at work this past week & thought some elements of it applied to the pastoral search committee. Although it’s aimed at the job seeker in a corporate setting, the search committee can easily read it for their own benefit. It tells you what NOT to do and what kind of an interviewer you should avoid being.

According to the article, the five terrible job interviewers are:

  1. The Clueless – May admit right away to not having read your resume
  2. The Bumbler – Rambles and appears disorganized
  3. The General – Has a “command-and-control style,” often trying to intimidate others
  4. The Talk Show Host –  Focused on being likeable, talks too much and doesn’t give the candidate an opportunity to provide relevant details about his experience
  5. The Scientist – Analytical and seeking details…LOTS of details

Learn more about each of these interviewers at

The information posted here is not original with me and I claim no ownership or copyright in the "5 Terrible Job Interviewers." The article I refer to here first appeared at and was later posted at the link above.

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